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Responsive Childrens Supports Ltd. is dedicated to providing our clients with opportunities to further their personal growth. We offer workshop covering an array of life skills and offer many social events that provide clients an opportunity to socialize and develop new friendships.

CHEERS Committee

The focus of the CHEERS Committee is to educate and inform individuals of topics that are important to them. Some focus areas include:

  • Helping individuals in service know their rights
  • Helping individuals know what abuse is/mistreatment and what to do
  • Teaching staff and individuals how to help individuals develop various types of relationships

The CHEERS Committee recognizes that individuals have different learning styles and cognitive strengths, and use a variety of materials and presentation formats to deliver this information including videos, standard presentations, role plays and sometimes guest speakers.

The CHEERS Committee hosts a Thank Goodness It’s Friday (TGIF) event – held on a Friday towards the end of the month. This is where individuals and their staff can come and learn about topics that are relevant to their everyday lives, have lively discussions, watch some videos and socialize.

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