Performance and Quality Improvement

Performance and Quality Improvement(PQI) is integrated into every service area and encompasses staff at every level of the organization. We value the quality of the supports and services we provide to our clients, families, and to our funder, Alberta Human Services, and seek for continuous evaluation and improvement.

The agency also seeks to provide a safe and valued work environment to our staff that is supportive to their professional growth. We are committed to enhancing work environments, staff development opportunities and meaningful orientations and evaluation processes.


  • We support client rights and choice and a fulfilling life within the community
  • We promote excellence and continuous improvement
  • Our goals are broad based, reflected in our strategic plans and in the terms of reference of each committee and encompass every service area and every level of staff
  • It addresses organizational performance and programs and client outcomes

Quality Improvement and Outcomes:

Intent: To define and measure agency and service area outcomes toward the goal of continuous quality improvement

The Agency is dedicated to provide personalized support to assist people with disabilities to establish fulfilling lifestyles within the community. We value each person as they are, with strengths, needs, and potential. We believe that people will grow in ways they wish, when assistance is given along with the chance to learn from life experiences. We feel that people have the right to follow their chosen lifestyle. We believe that supporting participation in community life contributes to a fulfilling lifestyle. We will support people to make informed choices about their life and assist them to meet their goals. We will work with each individual and their network (e.g. family, friends, guardians, community members, staff) to ensure the supports that we provide honor their needs, preferences, interests, hope and dreams.

We are committed to providing a respectful and culturally sensitive workplace.

We will use Quality Improvement initiatives to measure progress at achieving goals and outcomes for clients, staff, and the agency as a whole.

References: Agency Planning Committee, Quality Assurance project; Lifestyles Planning Process; Profile Process; Client Planning (Policy 1005)


  • Informs decision making including planning
  • Identifies what is working so good practices can be replicated
  • Identifies practices and internal processes that need improvement
  • Meets program and strategic goals and objectives

PQI Core Concepts

  1. Responsive Children’s Supports promotes a culture that values service quality.
  2. Our infrastructure supports performance and quality improvement
  3. Performance goals and client outcomes are measureable and useful
  4. The PQI plan describes how measureable data will be obtained, when and by whom. It includes all programs and services, operations and management, program results and client outcomes
  5. Findings are shared with personnel and stakeholders and are used to improve our programs and practices
  6. Staff and stakeholders receive information and support that increases their capacity to participate in, conduct and sustain performance and quality improvement processes


  • PQI is a component of each service area; Adaptive Behavioural Supports, Responsive Respite and Progressive Residential Supports.
  • PQI is a component of all departments: Human Resources, Recruitment, Operations, IT, Support Approach Team, and Accounting/Financial Group.
  • PQI is addressed in every committee within the organization; Strategic Planning, Policy and Procedures Committee, Staff Development, Health and Safety Committee, Medication Committee, Recruitment and Retention Committee, Newsletter Committee, Social Committee, Coordinators Committee, Director’s Committee and Therapeutic Advisory Committee.
  • Clients, families/guardians and Calgary Child and Family Services Authority are valued stake holders in our organizational processes.
  • All levels of staffing receive the necessary training and are taught the skills required to participate in PQI. This training is specific to the role each member plays within a component of PQI. E.g. front line staff are oriented and trained to participate in the development of a client profile, (the tool that outlines support specific to the client) and then how to collect the data pertaining to this client and where to record it.
  • Coordinators, Directors and committee chairs are oriented to the processes applicable to them, e.g. excel spread sheet for quality assurance processes.
  • PQI is reflected within the job descriptions of every level of staffing
  • Other stakeholders are oriented to the process of PQI and their role