Progressive Residential Supports

Home Away From Home

Progressive Residential Supports (PRS) is proud to offer a variety of comfortable and homey arrangements to children and youth with developmental disabilities and complex needs. Whether the stay is short-term, temporary, or long-term, we will be your extra set of helping hands.

A Nurturing Environment

We encourage collaborative approaches where support is shared between the staff and family. This could mean that time is divided between the family home and the PRS home.


What to expect

  • 1-4 children residing in each home
  • Compatibility is considered in peer housemate situations
  • 24 hour staffed models of care
  • Staffing is provided based on the needs of the individuals
  • Close communication with families, schools, medical professionals, and others

Program Goals

  • Increase safety and daily living skills  
  • Transition into adulthood 
  • Develop and increase coping skills
  • Supports for mental health
  • Enhance communication skills 
  • Promote self-advocacy  
  • Access the community in a meaningful way

PRS Parent Handbook

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Responsive Respite

Round the clock, short-term, temporary respite available for planned or emergency stays in a home-like setting

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Adaptive Behavioural Supports

Behavioural consultations and assessments for families and guardians including family managed services

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